The company Envivia Trade, s.r.o., is placing plant nutrition preparations produced by the company Envivia, s.r.o., on the market. The composition and effects of preparations is based on the presence of substances participating on metabolic processes of all crops and positively influencing the amount and quality of production. The most distinctive effect of products distributed by us can be witnessed especially in conditions with unstable climate and precipitations which are unfavourable for vegetation.

The composition of all preparations is designed so that there is a substantial nutrition donation for vegetation on the basis of recent findings in plant nutrition through the leaf or directly on the plant seed. They also contain nature-identical substances with stimulating effect that support the effect of nutritional components so that the economic effect of their use is maximized.

Leaf fertilizers

Leaf fertilizers are used for plant nutrition and they are a suitable supplement to solid fertilizers. Thanks to a direct transfer through the leaf, the application of leaf fertilizers enables quick supplementation of the nutrient even in such cases, where there could be either insufficient content of the nutrient in the soil and, the plant – in spite of sufficient concentration of the nutrient in the soil, is not able to accept it for any reason (weather or physiological conditions). A great advantage of out-root application of fertilizers can be seen when they are combined with other means of interventions (common application with fungicides), and also in the economics of their application.


Stimulators stimulate the growth of plants, improve intake or utilization of nutrients, increase resistance against unfavourable external conditions and accelerate regeneration of damaged vegetation.

Pickling preparation

Due to its composition, our pickling preparation increases germination of plants, has stimulation effect at early stages and thus provides premises for the formation of better root system.

Leaf fertilizers offered

Stimulators offered

Preparation offered

Universal leaf fertilizer for use for all cultural crops. It contains a high portion of nitrogen and a portion of other nutritional components and microelements received through the leaf.
Universal leaf fertilizer designed for use for all cultural crops. Supplements phosphorus and nitrogen in higher range than Envifyt.

The Envistart preparation acts as a stimulator of growth and rootage. It has a strong antistress and regeneration effect – it regenerates vegetation during drought, excess of precipitation, and after damage.

The Enviseed preparation is an auxiliary nutritious preparation used as a component of pickling liquid. This preparation increases germinability of plants and stimulates their growth in the early stages.

Leaf fertilizer for overwintering and stability in later phases of growth. It is intended for vegetation demanding the nutrition with potassium, phosphorus, calcium and sulphur.
Highly concentrated multicomponent leaf fertilizer designed for demanding technical crops. It is characterized by high contents of boron, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur.